Ridesharing Program


Regional Ridesharing Program

Share A Ride, Take The Bus,
Leave Your Car at Home, and Relax!

Save money on gas and maintenance expenses? Call 800-SOCLOSE.

Tired of fighting the traffic and arriving to work stressed and frustrated? CALL US!

The Regional Ridesharing Program of Southern Maryland can help you! This Program helps the Southern Maryland residents and those employed in the Region to commute to work using carpool, vanpool or commuter express bus services.

A free, comprehensive, computerized commuter match-list is provided to applicants, through our Commuter Connections Database.

It can put the commuters in touch with the most convenient transit options or other commuters going your way. The Program also provides information on commuter bus schedules, rates and other transportation services for the Region and commuting to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Suburban Maryland areas.

Submit your Application online or download the Commuter Form.

Online Application

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Benefits of ridesharing:
  • Reduce stress of your commute
  • Lessen wears and tears of your vehicles
  • Save money on gasoline and parking
  • Decrease maintenance and insurance premium of your cars

Contact George Clark, gclark@tccsmd.org, Rideshare Coordinator to find out more about the Regional Ridesharing Program at 800-SOCLOSE.