Broadband Utilization Assessment


For Immediate Release

Wednesday, April 16, 2014                   

*This news release is provided in partnership with the Maryland Broadband Cooperative, Inc.

 Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland and Maryland Broadband Cooperative Announce Broadband Utilization Assessment

 Broadband Assessment Initiative Aims to Grow State’s Digital Economy

Hughesville, MD – The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland and the Maryland Broadband Cooperative invite all Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s County businesses to participate in a broadband business assessment.  The Maryland Broadband Cooperative is launching a pilot project in Southern Maryland affording 500 businesses the opportunity to participate in an online assessment and scorecard project to help gauge and improve their economic vitality by better understanding their utilizing broadband technologies.


“As Executive Director of the Tri-County Council, my vision is to improve the competitiveness of Southern Maryland’s businesses and workforce by promoting the use of information technology in all aspects of life,” said TCC Executive Director John Hartline.  “By utilizing this opportunity, our residents and business leaders can gain valuable feedback, and as a region, Southern Maryland can leverage its strength as a leader in the digital economy.”

Organizations will be asked to complete an online assessment of their Internet usage.  The assessment results will provide valuable information on broadband usage by Southern Maryland commercial and nonprofit organizations, and will allow for a comparison of broadband usage and economic impacts with peer organizations nationwide.

To benefit Southern Maryland businesses, each business completing the assessment will receive a scorecard based on their assessment responses that will summarize the financial impacts that broadband currently has on their business.  The scorecard will also compare individual businesses with industry peers around the country and will suggest broadband-enabled tools that could increase competitiveness, efficiencies and revenues.

Broadband technology is a foundation for economic development and innovation.  The Maryland Broadband Cooperative works with national, state and local partners towards solutions for increased broadband availability.  As the needs for ubiquitous access, higher speeds and capacity continue to grow quickly, Maryland Broadband Cooperative works to leverage Maryland’s broadband infrastructure and utilization through public/private partnerships.  With strong private sector broadband providers, unique middle-mile assets, State and local partners, and a focus on economic competitiveness, Maryland is well positioned to continue to move forward in the broadband arena.  You can learn more about the survey at:

For more information, please contact John Hartline, Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland at 301-274-1922 or